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Lord Micheal Bates; his 'Walk for Peace' and UN Resolution 48/11


'Triumph' is dedicated to Michael Bates' 2016 "Walk for Peace' in acknowledgement of his 2016 3,000 mile walk from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro to draw attention to UN Resolution 48/11 under which all 'warring nations are to lay down their arms during each and every Olympic games and paralympian Games.'  open Walk for Peace in a new window

Supremebeing hosts The White Canvas Project iii


The opening night is on the 11th October at 6pm and the event will feature live art, live screen printing by Hit + Run, music, drinks and daily giveaways which are first come first served. Come find us at at the Shoreditch Art Wall at Peter the Pleater's - 17 Great Eastern St, London EC2. The closest underground station is Shoreditch High Street. The gallery is open until the 18th October, check out the schedule on facebook to see what's happening: contact


SAW is located in London's fashionable, high-traffic art district where you'll find great clubs & fantastic pubs and restaurants.


The London Art Wall - LONDON 2012 Paralympics  - Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson

International Artist Code FC Creates 'Access ALL Areas' Mural on SAW for the 2012 London Paralympic Games'.   The mural was unveiled by Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson DBE at 4:00 pm on Friday, August 31st 2012with Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries.

SAW is located in London's fashionable, high-traffic art district where you'll find great clubs & fantastic pubs and restaurants.
MF DOOM Paints for Adidas at the LondonArt Wall

Urban walls have become a popular and lucrative venue for advertisers because of their high-traffic proximity and key eye-level impact, which, because of their great visibility, conveys a more powerful message to locals and tourists.



SAW is located in London's fashionable, high-traffic art district where you'll find great clubs & fantastic pubs and restaurants.


The London Art Wall - LONDON 2012 Olympics  - Lord Michael Bates' 'Walk for Truce'

Lord Michael Bates unveiled the  'Walk For Truce' mural on July 12, 2012 at 7:30 pm in Shoreditch created by CODE FC and Jack Haslehurst mural to celebrate Lord Michael Bates' epic 3,000 mile walk in support of UN Truce Resolution 48/11 of 1993 which promised a global cessation of all hostilities during subsequent Olympic and Paralympic games



SAW is located in London's fashionable, high-traffic art district where you'll find great clubs & fantastic pubs and restaurants.




'Dancing With The Stars' Damian Whitewood /  Peta Murgatroyd

The LUXE Rodeo GLOtoSLEEP celebrities included:  Alexis Bellini ('Real Housewives of Orange County') Ali Sepasyar with W Monigo / Jackson Roger ('Dude, What Would Happen?') Alice Amter ('The Big Bang Theory') B. Howard ('Musician/Universal Music')   Brad Henke ('Justified,' ' Lost') Brett Stimely  ('Transformers') Bridgetta Tomarchio  ('Walk a Mile in My Pradas,'  'Bad Girls Club') Brittany Bell - ('Miss Arizona 2011,'  'Miss Studio City 2100')  Damian Whitewood /  Peta Murgatroyd - ('Dancing With The Stars') Danielle Vasinova ('Bucky Larson, Born to Be a Star')   Denise Milfort and Kali Hawk  ('Vipaka'  /  'The Fuzz')  Doctor Khanna (The Lasik Institute) Dylan Minette ('Saving Grace' - 'Awake')  Emmanuelle Vaugier '(Two and a Half Men')  Eric Roberts ('Heroes,' 'Crash')  Fiona Gubelmann '(Wilfred,' 'My Name is Earl')  Gabriel Jarett ('Frost/Nixon')   Giovonnie Samuels ('Suite Life of Zack and Cody'   /  Akapela Jonz - "Wake  up and Dream") Graham Hughes  (Fox Cable Network)  Jackie Tohn ('American Idol' ) James Woods   Jane Emery (LA's The Place)Joan Van Ark ('Nip/Tuck,' 'Dallas,' 'Young and The Restless')  Judith Shekoni ('Twilight')   Kasey Marr ('General Hospital'    / Charlotte Price - 'The Gangster Squad')  Kellie Koppel ('It's So LA')Leif Garrett    Lindsay Gareth ('Bucky Larson, Born to Be a Star')  Marc Macusse  '(Average Joe')  Monique Sorgen (TV Writer)  Natalia Nunn (Actress/interviewer) Pamela Holt ('Young and the Restless')   Phil Brock ('MADtv' )   Tehmina Sunny ('Argo,' with Ben Afleck)   Tom Molloy  Will Shadley ('How I Met Your Mother')   Witney Mixter  / Sara Bettencourt ('The Real L Word'   / - Producer, The Real L Word) ...view photos

We support the 'Lend a Hand(TM)' Celebrity Charity Autograph Initiative




Bart Simpson / Nancy Cartwright signing Wizard Jeans for LA Children's Hospital

The charity signers included: The voice of Bart Simpson, Nancy Cartwright; (Project Runway winners) Seth Aaron Henderson and Kalyn Hempell; recording artist Samantha Marq; (True Blood) Jaala Pickering; (Ghost Whisperer) Joey Luthman; Erik Estrada; (Bad Teachers) Noel Dahl; (MAD TV) Jill-Michelle Melean; (The Social Network) Shelby Young; Charity activist and socialite Michael Dean Shelton; (Bad Girls Club) Amber Meade and Annie Andersen; Young and the Restless Melody Thomas Scott; (Ghostbusters I and III) Ernie Hudson; (The Avengers) Hakeem Kae-Kazim; (Hercules) Kevin Sorbo; (Millionaire Matchmaker) Destin Pfaff; Actress Rachel Federoff; TLC, (Wedding Day Makeover) Ann Merin; Yahoo comedian Frank Nicotero; (Interscope Recording Artist Taya Rayden; (The Alphabet Killer) Tom Malloy; (Valentines Day/New Years Eve) Wedil David; Splash Magazine Publisher Lawrence Davis; (The Price Is Right) JD Roberto; Cassandra Hepburn; (Avatar) Jim Pitt; President Legacy Ent. Steven W. Mare; Comedian Karen Loftus; (Ghost Whisperer) Madison Leisle; Baroness Lily Moore; (Mrs. World) Sofya Suya; (The Kids are Alright) Eddie Hassell; Young & Restless Phil Brock; (Battle: Los Angeles) Jadin Gould; (Matrix Reloaded) Daniel Bernhardt; (The Social Network) Cedric Sanders; (Entertainment Today) Margie Barron; GRAMMY winner Gramma Funk; production designer, (Dr. Phil Real Housewife) Gloria Armond and Michell Wily; infomercial celebrity Bridgetta Tomarchio; (Its So LA) producer Laura Owen; (Daytime in No Time) YAHOO Nikki Boyer; Young and the Restless Tionne Williams; (CSI Miami); Nikki Boyer (E! Networks producer) Lesley Robins; (The Bachelor) Vienna Girardi; Robert Davi; #33 Former Oakland A Jose Canseco; Young and the Restless Kate Linder; (CSI Miami) Sofia Milos; (Burlesque) Chelsea Traille; food and travel journalist Janice Wald Henderson; Fashion Producer KTLA Mikey Koffman; (The Social Network) Cedric Saunders; (Mr and Mrs Smith) Noah Dahl;      ......view photos



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George Blodwell, 'Stylist to the Stars' and LIsa Foster with Wizard Jeans

Autographs on the Wizard Jeans include: Marilu Henner, Jenny Beavan (Costumer, 'The King's Speech'), Charlene Amoia (glee), Josh Sussman (Glee), Ariel Winter (Modern Family), Kiowa Gordon (Eclipse), Christopher McDonald (Harry's Law), Bronson Pelletier (Eclipse), James Kyson-Lee (Heroes), Oscar Nunez (The Office), Kevin Rahm (Desperate Housewives), Katarzyna Wolejnio (The Mechanic), Kevin Eubanks (Tonight Show Band), Sofia Milos (CSI Miami), Edyta Sliwinska (Dancing with Stars), Mischa Barton, Alicia Coppola (Jericho), Rodney Van Johnson (Passions), Caroline Carver (the Royal Today), Josh Rosenthal (The Last Godfather), Vivica A. Fox (Kill Bill), Marisa Ramirez (Sparticus), Leyla Milani (Deal or No Deal), Scott Baio, Billy Zane (Titanic), Tamara Henry (, Dee Wallace (E.T., the Extraterrestrial), Dana Brunetti (Producer, The Social Network), George Blodwell (Editor-at-large, GenLux Magazine), and Ian Barnes ( Director, 'Wish 143'), Samantha Waite (Producer, 'Wish 143') and Gramma Funk (Grammy winner).....  view photos

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 - February -
Wizard Jeans OSCAR(R) Week Debut on Rodeo Drive with Bart Simpson and Celebs for LA Childrens Hospital
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- February -
NY Fashion Week May Have Called for Snowshoes But LA Celebs' Loved "Silver Linings'" High-Heels' Freshness at Hot Pre Oscar(R) Event
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- February -
'Love Cures Cancer' Valentine's Day Online Auction Features OSCAR Nominee-Signed Dream Essentials' Masks & Wizard Jeans
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- January -
Specialist Sleep Company Dream Essentials Launches its 'Where the World Comes for relaxation' B2B Sleep Program
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Adidas commission MF DOOM to paint SAW, the best advertising wall in London' most fashionable area of Shoreditch




GLOtoSLEEP Mask Delivers Winning Night's Sleep to 'The Artist' and 'The Iron Lady' at 2012 OSCARS




2012 London Olympics
 major advertising wall

amazing Panel of the 4 wall panel display for Beck's Beer


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Jennifer Aniston wears Dream Essentials sleep mask in upcoming movie Wanderlust
(info available soon)



Brand Promotional Events 

April 2011 -
Princess-to-Be, Kate Middleton, to be Accompanied by 'Denim Fairy Godmother' on Her Honeymoon Courtesy of Wizard Jeans
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April 2011 -
Chu Shu 'Silver Linings' To Be Worn By Season 12's "Dancing with the Stars" Dancer 
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Feature your product or service on a huge high traffic 4-panel wall in London's Fashionable Shoreditch district for a month for only $7500 - and that includes the cost of painting/artwork   (more)

press releases

'Lend A hand' charity

celebrity gifting events

charity events