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This New Novel From A Technologist Sees TVs, Cellphones and Social Media Feeding a Global Spying Mechanism



Dateline: November 2018: Santa Cruz, California.  Every now and then, a book comes along that looks into the future by being rooted in the past, and FREEFALL, from PC and Internet marketing technologist, Peter Mackeonis, is such a book.  It's not necessary to believe in the tooth fairy to consider it a possibility that the US Government planned for everyone to own a personal computer before launching the internet.  After all, if you read Huxley or Orwell, it's not such a stretch for a government to create an illicit networked dragnet for personal data and communications. Joseph McCarthy and his House of Un-American Activities Committee would have certainly endorsed such an idea.


The Plot

The story line begins with Amrit Kahn, the down-and-out ex founder of the global social media company ZEN, hacking into the company's banking software and programming ATM's to give away $20 bills to the poor in the San Francisco's Mission District  During the hack, he discovers that his company has a marketing pact with the government to create and maintain 'shadow' profiles on every American citizen and that the President plans to expand the program to blackmail the world's most influential, by ZEN hacking their communications to track their nefarious activities.  Kahn sets out to expose their plot, which unfolds through a web of players, events and locations including:  freelance hackers, Russian lobbyists, assassins, interrogations by Homeland Security and the FBI, Britain's GCHQ and MI6, in Silicon Valley, the Caribbean and the Vatican, Italy, and there are no winners.  (Browse chapter I)


The Author

Peter Mackeonis was a founding director of the 1980's UK systems software company MetaComCo, whose clients included Commodore, Atari, Digital Research and RAND Corporation.  His previous book, 'High Tech, Low Morals,' the first eBook, was serialized in 1993 by the San Jose Mercury News. In the late 90's, Peter founded and later sold YAS Corp., one of the first internet subscription-based consumer membership sites to NBC’s In 2007 Peter was a guest speaker at Online Market World 2007, in San Francisco, on the issues of Spam in marketing. Peter currently runs the London-based advertising company, the Art Wall Company, Ltd., from his home in Santa Cruz County, California.


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