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if you want to understand today's America, you need to read this Silicon Valley Novel trilogy because,
In a Country Where Over 50% of People Believe What's on the Internet, Social Media Influences Rule!
The first novel, High Tech, Low Morals, is set in the innocent pre-internet world of 1992, and the next two,
ANNA'S GAME (2107) and A CALIFORNIA COUP (2020), brings into focus today's highly political world of social media.
mackeonis novelist mackeonis novelist mackeonis novelist
Imagine, or try to remember, if you can, life before the internet and social media: a world without Google, Amazon, Facebook, TikTok, and X formally known as Twitter). A time when Silicon Valley and the world of high-tech had yet to dominate global markets, when business was still almost done on a handshake and highway 101 from San Francisco airport to Sunnyvale was bustling with developers, bankers........ and hustlers. 
I thought that you should know this, because you are about to travel back to 1992 and the 'fake it until you make it,' world of HIGH TECH, LOW MORALS. 
Enjoy!                       October  1992
Amrit, the reformed cocaine addict and co-founder of the world's largest global  social media company discovers that his company has been ordered to spy on the world's wealthiest people.  and tells, Anna, his ex-partner's wife about the plan.  Anna, discovering that her husband has been working with Homeland Security for years and her life is threatened when she recruits hackers to expose the government. When Anna's husband is shot, she get's the message and leaves town. Chased across the globe by a Homeland Security agent, when caught, she trades her freedom for help to wind up a suspected spy network, and that's when she starts to play's ANNA'S GAME
When the world's largest social media company wants to remake California as a socialist paradise they buy the cooperation of the lame-duck but power-hungry California governor who has his eye on the White House. When the company encourages new immigrants and agricultural workers to vote for  new laws for housing, education it's put down to democracy. But when the homeless become guinea pigs for new drugs and tech products, the White House instructs Homeland Security to look into what is going on. And when the company's plans for a cyber-currency are unveiled, Homeland Security report back that it's beginning to look like A CALIFORNIA COUP
Paperback or eBook version at Amazon  - FREE on Kindle
Paperback or eBook version at Amazon  - FREE on Kindle
Paperback or eBook version at Amazon  - FREE on Kindle

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